Does anyone know what the components of a functional community are?I have an exam and one of the questions are discuss the components of a functional community? any ideas? thanks, Derek.

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akasha124 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some aspects that make a community functional include:

Norms - A community standard of behavior that the community deems as normal behavior

Custom - Unwritten social rules that a community agrees upon, such as bowing in Japanese culture

Traditions - Beliefs or customs that are orally taught from one generation to another in a community

Institutions - Structures and mechanisms that a community uses to keep social order, such as offical laws to maintain community standards

tmray7 | Student

It depends on which way you want to take this question.  Society functions according to Emile Durkheim as a human organism.  Every part must work together or we will have what is called dysfunctions.  We have several social institutions that must work for our society to work.  The family has it's functions to maintain: socializing children, sexual control, a safe haven, etc.  If the family does not serve these functions than we have dysfunctions: divorce, incest, abuse and neglect.  The government is another institution is provides laws and protection. If you do not have the government than you would have chaos.  Religion is a social institutions that provides faith and solidarity. Research done by Emile Durkheim says that we need to feel like we belong or alienation will happen.  His writing on suicide covers a lot of this.  Education serves our society by educating children and further socializing them into our cultural values.  There is also hidden functions  (latent functions) of school child care providers, keeping children busy when we have lack of jobs and out of trouble education also acts as birth control, if you are at school you can't be having sex.  These institutions must work together (function) and when they are not working properly than we will have dysfunction.