Does anyone know were I can find pieces of performance art, visual art, and language art on the topic of love? i'm doing a Anthology Scrapbook for Drama and i'm not very good with looking things up online

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What a fascinating topic!  Do you plan on making this a digital piece or will it be paper only?  If it is digital, I would love to see the final outcome.  You said you weren't very good at looking things up on the internet...all I did to find the links below is put the phrases "love in performance art," "love in art," and "love in language" in my favorite search engine.  Let me warn you...when searching for performance art, some pretty hinky stuff came up.  You might want to be extra careful with that search and really take a close look before deciding to include the contents in your project.

The links below have some amazing visual art, and the language art includes books and the cover art of some of those books.  You might consider looking into the one book, The Five Love Languages for your project.  I've read it, and it's quite insightful.

Check these out, and be sure to continue searching on your own for good stuff to included in your scrapbook.  Don't forget to send me the link if it's online.  I truly am interested in seeing what you've come up with in the end!

Visual Art:

Performanace Art:

Language Art:

This one translates "I love you" into 100 different languages.

Good Luck, and have fun!

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