Does anyone know of a site that I can go to for physics help? I am having some troube with using some of the formulas.

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mike-krupp eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you could describe which formulas, and why they are troublesome, I could give a better answer.  Otherwise I suggest two resources:

Wikipedia -- some people question its reliability but I've found it accurate as to scientific questions.  It may give a more advanced discussion than you're looking for, though.

Google -- try searches like "FREE physics homework help", and maybe the particular topics you need, such as "FREE physics homework help motion".

You might be clear as to what you need: explanation of a concept, how to use a formula, how to solve a problem, and so on.

Beware: many sites will try to charge you for service.

I've tried the site below (just now). It seems to be decent, and they didn't try to charge in advance. I don't know yet how quick or accurate they are.

Good luck!


janelle-m | Student

PhysicsClassroom is a good website that you might find helpful.  They have written tutorials and visual videos, as well as practice and a q-and-a section.

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