Who wrote the following quote: "Love Few, Trust No One"?

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none" This quote is from William Shakespeare.  It was used in Act 1 Scene 1 of "All's Well that Ends Well."  The Countess is giving advice to Lafeu and she tells him:

"Be thou blest, Bertram, and succeed thy father
In manners, as in shape! thy blood and virtue
Contend for empire in thee, and thy goodness
Share with thy birthright! Love all, trust a few,
Do wrong to none:
be able for thine enemy
Rather in power than use, and keep thy friend
Under thy own life's key: be cheque'd for silence,
But never tax'd for speech. What heaven more will,
That thee may furnish and my prayers pluck down,
Fall on thy head! Farewell, my lord;
'Tis an unseason'd courtier; good my lord,
Advise him."