Does anyone know the exact date of Macduff's date and birth in Macbeth?I am doing a newspaper project in English, and I have to do obituaries of the characters who died.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Unfortunately, Macduff is an entirely fictional character, but your question does point towards the question of where Shakespeare obtained his source material to write the play Macbeth.

Shakespeare used Holinshed's Chronicles which were published in 1587 as his source, in particular focussing on the narratives of King Duncan and King Duff. In this source, Macduff only appears after Macbeth has committed regicide and ruled as King of Scotland for ten years. Macduff shows his opposition against the monarchy of Macbeth by refusing to contribute to Macbeth's building of Dunsinane castle. Macduff, fearing Macbeth, leaves for England to try and encourage Malcolm, Duncan's son, into deposing Macbeth. Meanwhile, Macbeth kills the entire family of Macduff in his absence. As in the play, Macduff, with Malcolm, invades Scotland and kills Macbeth. So you can see that this character is very closely modelled on the original source.

Apart from this literary source, what else we know is that the Clan MacDuff was a very important family in Fife during the medieval ages, both in terms of prestige and power. So sorry - no dates, but I guess with an assignment like yours you can be "creative" in your obituary!