Does anyone know any resources explaining the book The Hamlet by William Faulkner?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have found quite a few resources helpful in analyzing this novel by Faulkner.  Here are some of the best:


Perhaps the first you should peruse is The Hamlet:  A Concordance to the Novel  By Noel Polk with an ISBN-10 of 0835708675.

Next you could try William Faulkner: An Economy of Complex Words by Richard Godden with an ISBN-10 of 069113071X.

But my favorite is A Companion to William Faulkner by Lothar Honnighausen, Thomas McHaney, John Rowe, and Ted Atkinson with an ISBN-10 of 1405122242.  This one is, by far, the most comprehensive and can be found in your local library.


First try “Reconstructing class in Faulkner's late novels: The Hamlet”  by Mauri Skinfill.  This is from Studies in American Fiction and dated September 22, 1996.

There is also “Mobile home: Pragmatism and The Hamlet” by David H. Evans from The Mississippi Quarterly dated June 22, 2005.

Finally, there is another article in the same periodical that gives a lot of good insight.  Try “Faulkner's Real State: Land and Literary Speculation in The Hamlet”  by Joseph Urgo in The Mississippi Quarterly dated June 22, 1995.

Internet Resources:

My favorite general resource on the web gives all sorts of information about Faulkner and his works.  Each novel (including The Hamlet) is represented in addition to novel commentary, additional resources, and selected bibliography (where you can get even more good ideas).  Here is the website:

Scott Locklear eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Links to resources on The Hamlet here at eNotes are listed below.