Does anyone know any type of known text (preferably not a poem) about consumerism? Ones that have been overly analyzed on the Internet?

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handbooktoliterature eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You want pieces which ARE overanalyzed? I am not sure how open your definition of texts is, but here a few:

The Hunger Games -the entire system is based upon the elite's hunger  for goods that the hungry provide

Fahrenheit 451- Montag's society has become an empty shell based upon buying the newest gadget, tv. etc.

Get Me Out of Here- by Henry Sutton. A newer novel about the consumerism culture in London as seen through a pyschopathic serial killer.

American Psycho- by Bret Ellis. Similar to above, a man obsessed with the materialism of Wall Street and his violent thoughts. 

Cosmopolis- by Don Delillo. A look at the mindset and hunger to grow wealth of the superwealthy. 

The Great Gatsby-F. Scott's centerpiece on the materialism that rose in the 20s. Like moth's to a flame...