Does anyone know of any songs that have deep meaning and use figurative language? The criteria is to find a song with deep meaning and to identify the similes, metaphors, onomatopeia, and...

Does anyone know of any songs that have deep meaning and use figurative language?

The criteria is to find a song with deep meaning and to identify the similes, metaphors, onomatopeia, and alliteration within that song thank you!

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Building from number 2's post, "Like a Rolling Stone" is replete with images and comparative language with the theme of how loneliness is unavoidable.  Bob Seger's "Feels Like a Number" is a song that redescribes modern isolation in a number of ways.  Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" uses language that actually sound like what alienation would sound like.  On a lighter note, the song "Lollipop" by the Chordettes features examples of alliteration and other poetic devices.  I believe it is currently being used in the new Dell Computers Commercial.

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Go to a site that has lyrics, and look at virtually any song written by Bob Dylan. He is more a poet than a musician, and especially at the start of his fame could barely sing. His guitar and harmonica playing were basic. He has made much progress over the years, but it is still his words that carry his songs.

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"Natural Woman" (sung by a variety of artists--Aretha Franklin did the original, I believe) has several of those elements. Also, "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (again, variety of artists, but Aretha does that one, too) has several of the other elements. A more modern song with similes and metaphors is "Missing You" by Case and pretty much every single song by Lil Wayne has about a million of all of those elements each--you will probably have to censor those lyrics to make them school appropriate though!
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Here are some composers who have written some deep and beautiful pieces:

  • Leonard Bernstein (Glitter and Be Gay, My House, So Pretty)
  • Samuel Barber (A Nun Takes the Veil, Sure on this Shining Night)
  • Giacomo Puccini (O mio babbino caro - you will have to look up translation)
  • Stephen Schwartz (Popular, My New Philosophy, For Good)
  • Aaron Copland (Heart We Will Forget Him)

All of these are wonderful songs to listen to, and you will find many beautiful arrangements from different artists and singers.

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The great thing about music is that a majority of the songs created have a deeper meaning to them. Whether it be from the 19th century or 2015, most musicians put their heart and soul into the music they create, and usually put meaning from their own lives in it. Or, they use an historical event and create a song around it. Here are some examples of songs that I feel have deeper meanings. 

  • The Trooper by Iron Maiden- about a British soldier in the Crimean War against Russia
  • The Catalyst by Linkin Park- about an individual (or a group of people) feeling trapped by the government, religion, and society and are unable to break free
  • Hurrican by MS MR- about a girl who hides her emotions and looks completely fine on the outside to others, but on the inside has a hurricane of emotional toil going on that even she is scared of her own mind

Hope this helps!

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"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" is a good example of a creative way to say - when you're in love, you don't always see so clearly.  "Over The Rainbow" is a poetic way of saying there must be a better world out there, even though we know there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The words "Where troubles melt like lemon drops away above the chimney tops...."  are very colorful alliterations to a brighter sweeter place to be.  Thinking creatively, you will find many more words in songs like this.

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