Does anyone know of any quotes that support that John Proctor as hard working?  I already have this one: " I labor the earth from dawn of day to blink of night..."(65)

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The quote identified is a fairly good one.  I would add to it with a couple that reflect the willingness to take on additional burden and challenge and not acquiesce to it.  For example, when he is ready to reveal the affair in order to stop Abigail from her desire to corrupt more with her accusations, he says, "We will slide together into our pit."  This reflects a willingness to avoid the easy path and work to gain redemption.  There is nothing in Proctor's character as he evolves throughout the play to reflect that he is seeking shortcuts.  His "steady manner" is brought out through the resolve in trying to bring truth to a world where it is noticeably absent.  This hard working nature is seen in his declaration of why his name and reputation become so important to him.  When he says that everything else is gone and all he wishes to have is his name, "Because it is my name," it reveals a desire to not avoid work and labor, and accept the fact that what is worth preserving is worth the commitment and struggle that is demanded by it.

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