Rabbit Is Rich Questions and Answers
by John Updike

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Does anyone have a summary of Rabbit is Rich by John Updike?

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Rabbit is Rich is the third of the four-part series of John Updike novels that center around ex-high school basketball star Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom. It won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1982.

Rabbit still lives in fictional Brewer, Pennsylvania, where he was a hoops star several decades before. He has inherited his father's Toyota dealership, so money is not a problem: His trials of life come from his wife's drinking, his son's excesses, and his own sexual tribulations. He has eyes for a friend's wife; he still dreams of his former girlfriend, Ruth, who may have given birth to his child; and he considers the possibility of wife-swapping. But life is not all bad. He vacations in the Caribbean, makes a nice profit on some gold Krugerrands, and becomes a grandfather.

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