Does anyone have chapter 2, "White Tigers," of The Warrior Woman annotated? I am in need of the following for the entire short story: imagery, personification, irony, repetition, allegory, analogy, hyperbole, and metaphor.

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“White Tigers,” chapter 2 of The Warrior Woman, describes the tales of Chinese female fighter Fa Mu Lan and Chinese-American Maxine Hong Kingston. Kingston uses various literary devices throughout this chapter in order to enhance its rich textures and meanings.

The journey of Fa Mu Lan serves as an allegory for Kingston’s own development in America. An allegory is a narrative that can represent and reveal ideas in a second narrative; like an extended metaphor , an allegory parallels the second narrative to show symbolic and literal meanings. Fa Mu Lan’s story begins with her leaving home at a young age for a strange land in order to train as a warrior; Maxine grapples with the challenges of growing up and studying in America, a land foreign to her Chinese immigrant parents. Through the gourd, Mu Lan witnesses the corrupt barons’ persecution of her family; through hints of undiscussed letters from the mainland to her parents, Maxine learns that the Communist government is harassing...

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