Does anyone have any ideas of five songs (lyrics) that relate to the characters and their storyline in this novel?

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The novel The Hunger Games contains many dynamic characters. Filled with action that keeps readers on their toes, the novel can elicit many different emotions at any point throughout the novel.

These emotions, based upon character or action of text, can be related to a number of songs which portray similar emotions and characteristics of those described.

Songs which speak about the fight in a person (Katniss and her battle within the Games).

1. "Don't Give Up"- Perter Gabriel

2. "Calling All Angels"- Train


3. "Fighting Against the World"- Vandenberg

Peta and Katniss

4. "Fighting For My Life"- Michael Bolton


5. "Fighting For Your Life"- David Mead

Kantiss and Rue/ Kantiss and Gale

6. "Slipped Away"- Avril Lavigne

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