Does anyone have any good analytical questions for chapter 10 of Lord of the flies? Please!!!

Expert Answers
Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator
  • How does Piggy's usual ability to use reason and logic fail him when he insists Simon's death was an accident?
  • What does Jack's perception of Simon's death say about his character?
  • How does Ralph's dream about the bus station reflect his fears on the island?
  • What does Jack's decision to steal Piggy's glasses reveal about his leadership over the hunters?
  • How does Jack's style of leadership differ from Ralph's in Chapter Ten?
  • What does Ralph's nightly game of supposing reveal about his priorities?
  • How does Golding's characterization of Samneric in chapter ten reveal the boys' loyalty to Ralph?
  • Why does Jack steal Piggy's glasses this time instead of just taking some embers or a log like last time?
  • Why does Golding include the details about Jack beating Wilfred?


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