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Does anyone have any creative writings tips? I'm trying to wright a novel, but sometimes I have major writer's block, or have lack of creative ideas. Or sometimes I'll finish reading over something I thought I wrote well, but it'll seem boring. Any tips on making your writing more interesting and exciting, something that will make the reader want to keep reading?

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That's good advice from post #2. You might also consider cutting the boring sections way down so that you can keep some of the expository material if it's important but reduce the drag of that section. 

I also agree that writer's block can be overcome often by forcing yourself to write. The ideas can come, even when they seem like they won't, but they won't come if you don't sit down to write.

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Write ANYTHING when you feel like you have writer's block--even just a recounting of your day. Describe things you did and your interactions with other people in great detail. Then make up some crazy incident in the middle of it.

Take something you've written that sounds boring (we've all been there) and rewrite it from a different character's point of view.

Boring writing is often the result of too much summary and not enough scene. Show your reader what your character's are doing, don't explain.

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