Does anyone happen to know any of the important quotes from Cold Sassy Tree? 

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"Well, good gosh a'mighty! She's dead as she'll ever be, ain't she? Well, ain't she?" (Rucker Blakeslee says this to his daughters in an attempt to legitimize his second marriage.)

"I'm sayin' I love you, dang it! I'm sayin' I want you to be my wife! I'm sayin' I been a-waitin' to hold you in my arms ever since the day we got married. No, way longer than thet, Lord hep me. Miss Love—Love, I been a-waitin' for this minute ever since the day I laid eyes on you!" (Here Rucker shows his true, honest affections for Miss Love.)

"I'm saying that after I missed the love boat, I wasn't going to settle for a raft-meaning somebody like Son Black. But I'm glad to settle for a man I can respect, and a family I'm proud to be part of. I think Mr. Blakeslee is probably the only completely honest man I've ever known..." (Miss Love is explaining here to Will why she married Mr. Blakeslee.)

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here is a quote and its explained too

Quote: "Well’m, faith ain't no magic wand or money-back gar'nttee, either one. Hit's jest a way a-living'” (Chapter 48 page 563)

            This quote from Cold Sassy Tree is said by Mr. Rucker Blakesleewhile talking to Mrs. Love about religion. In this quote Burns tries to portray the religious beliefs of Mr. Rucker. Rucker is a hard-working religious man but he knows thathard work will get him his daily bread and faith would emotionally comfort him. His beliefs can be seen in his behavior when Mattie Lou dies. Rucker does not pray for her to come back to life because he knows that it is not possible. Rucker interprets the Bible in his own way, not word for word like the church does.Mrs. Love believes that you just have to beg or pray to God to get things that you want. Mr. Rucker believes the opposite of Mrs. Love. He believes that you just have to keep faith in God and yourself because God has empowered you for what you need. By using Mrs. Love and Mr. Rucker’s conversation the author demonstrates the two different views of people towards religion

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