Does any teacher out there have a review sheet that they could send to me on multiplying dividing negtive and positive integers?

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jwuenschel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You can find integer drill and answer sheets at the link below.  Try not to make this too complicated.  "Integer" just means "number."  Multiplication and division of integers is straight forward.  Multiply or divide two integers that are positive and you get a positive integer as the answer (ex: (+2) x (+3) = +6).  If you do the same with two integers which are negative you also get a positive integer as an answer (ex: (-2) x (-3) = +6).  The only trick comes when you multiply or divide integers when one is positive and one is negative.  In such a case, the answer is a negative integer (ex: (+2) x (-3) = -6).

enotechris eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As a summary (no matter if multiplying or dividing):

Like signs give a positive answer;  (+,+) or (-,-)

Unlike signs give a negative answer. (+,-) or (-,+)

revolution | Student

Like integers give positve integers like +6 +6 = +36

Unlike integers give negative integers like +6 -6 = -36

Same thing if you multiply negative integers together, you will also get a positive integer

Below is a good link to brush up on your multiplication of positive and negative integers and also for adding, subtracting and dividing positive and negative integers. Like what it says, a "cheat sheet". Hope the link helps!