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Whether Antony loved Cleopatra is quite complicated. He first met with her after she had denied him twice on making Egypt a political ally of Rome. Some say he was won over by her charm and started a relationship with her after meeting her that first time. If this is true, then it probably was love. Although, he might have "loved" her in a mistress sort of way. That being, he liked making love with he but wasn't doing it because of political factors. Those political factors being he might have been using her in order to get Egypt to become an ally of Rome. In the end it's more of an opinion based topic on whether or not he loved her.

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The better answer may be that Anthony is infatuated with Cleopatra. The word “love” is loaded. Was he “in love” with Cleopatra when he married Octavia? When he assumed she had betrayed him at Actium? Or, as some suggested at the time, was the only person that Anthony truly loved himself?  

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He loves Cleopatra as he was bewitched by her witchcraft and influenced him to loving her, meaning under influence by her spell, so even though Cleopatra keeps on manipulating him, he would not care and still love her.

Also, despite his marriage to her sister, he still feel the force of attraction of her and her pleasures in the East

amani | Student

I agree with you prospero but you can not deny that Antony
loves cleopatra for he left everything behind his back "let
Rome in Tiber melt" he spent his time in battles I think he found his comfort , his soul with her

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