Does the alien in "Bloodchild" have any connection to human nature?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "Bloodchild" Butler asks, “Who knows what we humans have that others might be willing to take in trade for a livable space on a world not our own?” In the story she explores one such possibility, according to which a human society agrees to join into familial relations with an alien species and to offer some of their own members to carry alien eggs.

Gan, is a Terran — a human — living on an alien planet among its powerful insect-like hosts, the Tlic, some time in the future. T’Gatoi is powerful but is also both nurturing and dependent. She chooses Gan as her future mate when he is just a baby.  She does show the human characteristics of nurturing and compassion, but she also considers the Terrans to be the property of the Tlic.  In fact the ownership of Terrans has become a status symbol for many of the Tlic.  Somewhat like slavery in our early US History, some Tlic were kind and loving to their Terrans and some were not.  T'Gatoi made sure that her humans were well taken care of and enjoyed sleeping with them.  She states,"I like your body warmth next to me."

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