Does Alan Loves Jaillin or is he infatuated by her beauty?i would like to know if you think that Alan really loves Jaillin the way he say's. 

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englishteacher72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think Alan does love Jaillin, yes, but I think he's too young to really understand all that is involved with loving someone.  He doesn't know why he loves her, or how he loves her;he just knows that he wants to kiss her and be near her as much as he possibly can.  It is beautiful because he has no concept of how "bad" it is seen in their society to be in an interracial relationship.  He only knows that she is beautiful, and that he loves her.  I think that's what makes this section particularly interesting to read.  Since this is Alan's first experience with love, I think it makes his feelings for Jaillin that much deeper and more real.  A part of him will always love her.

lolastelladora | Student

It is obvious that he loves her. Most adults would say that he's infatuated but as Alan states "It is not true to say that the feelings of a young boy don't go as deep as those of a grown man." From my perspective Alan genuinely cares about her and like wise, Jaillin secretly has a thing for him. Though it was not stated but it was implied the way she would toss her long hair whenever they were alone. This is a sign of flirt or simply wanting to be noticed.

Alan's love for Jaillin is also obvious in the way he talks about her and in his admiration. He also notice that she has long legs and still he thinks she is "perfectly graceful".

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