Does The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian make anyone feel like they can relate to some of the issues junior went through? Recently they have really been pushing on kids to go against bullying. After reading this book it brought me to realize that their are many kids living a hard life just like junior and getting pressured more and more by their peers. To add bullying on to the list of stressors it really makes me want to research more in to how we can stop the bullying. A lot of kids aren't as strong as junior and so we get many suicide cases. Any feed back?

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I would be interested in seeing this question moved to one of the discussion forums, as I am (unfortunately) certain there would be much discussion in response to the rise in the amount of bullying that seems to be occurring in too many schools.

Any reader who has ever entered a new situation on his/her own can identify with at least some of the emotions and experiences described in the book. That part of the story is universal - even the most out-going individual has experienced butterflies in the stomach when starting in a new place with strangers.

Junior's life is complicated by all the ramifications brought on by the circumstances of his change in schools. As our society becomes more mobile, as more families splinter and go in different directions, as we become more ethnically diverse, there are going to be an increasing number of opportunities for bullies to take advantage of kids like Junior.

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