Doctor Faustus search for illegitimate and unbridled power and what happens

shwethak | Student

Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe is a story of SIN,REDEMPTION and Damnation.These are the main themes in the novel.In the beginning of the novel  Faustus is so anxious to get that illegitimate and unshakable power.Armed with his new found powers and attended by Mephistophiles he travels many places and tricks many people on his way.He is also shown to be full of ideas as to to the usage of that power.Thus he agrees to the pact with Lucifer,the devil and summons Mephistophiles to act according to his commands.As per christianity this is the act of SIN.Not only does he disobey THE GOD ,he even renounces his obedience to HIM.Instead he choses to be with the Devil.But even the worst deed can be forgiven through the redemption powers of THE JESUS CHRIST.Thus the possibility of redemption was always open to him.As the play progresses we come across numerous situations wherein Faustus considers to surrender to the Almighty but every time decides to remain loyal to hell rather than seek heaven.It is only at the end of his life does he desire to repent and at last he out to Christ to forgive him.He is indeed very late in his realisation and is condemned to hell forever.This is his Damnation.