A New England Nun Questions and Answers
by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

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Discuss the character of Louisa In "A New England Nun" by Mary Wilkins Freeman. 

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Joe Dagget made Louisa wait for fifteen years to marry him.  Now the wedding is only a week away.  This is the crux of the story “A New England Nun” by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman. This is a woman’s story of independence. Louisa is an unusual woman who believes that in her soft, feminine way she does not need a man. 

The narration is third person omniscient with an authorial point of view. Focusing on Louisa as the protagonist, the action takes place in her house which is of great importance to her.

This is a turning point in Louisa’s life.  For the last seven years of the total fifteen, Louisa has found contentment in living alone. Louisa is obsessed by her daily routine and arrangement of the things around her. For so long, Louisa has removed herself from society with her only companions, a canary and a chained dog named Caesar. 

The relationship between the two potential mates has cooled and become strained.  Each day that he visits,   Louisa and Joe sit across from each...

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