Do you use infographics in your classroom? Any tips for titles that make great infographics?

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Do you use infographics in your classroom? 

Yes, infographics can be utilized in the classroom. Infographics allow for the presentation of complex data and accompanying explanations in a simple, easy and clear manner for students to grasp and understand the subject matter. 

Tips for titles that make great infographics

1. Colours. Infographics should be attractive to readers, so bright colors are encouraged. 

2. Design. Animate your infographic with more complementing images than words to interest students. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Hence, images can speak volumes on a topic and a few words of explanation can prevent any ambiguity in how students receive the information.

3. Engaging readers. You can include did you know facts, simply questions asking students about striking graphical patterns, create class discussion aimed at analyzing the infographic, etc. This is intended to spark active participation in the learning process.

4. Evaluation. suggests that a writing activity be given afterwards to ensure that students truly understand and can apply the information given in the infographic.

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