Do you think there are echoes of Herrick's poem in contemporary media, such as shared values between the speaker and t.v. shows?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This poem by Robert Herrick has much in common philosophically with contemporary TV shows and advertising in three ways. First, it valorizes youth and denigrates old age. Second, it emphasizes indulgence in immediate short term pleasure without regard to consequence. Third, it suggests that virgins (a term in the period meaning young women in general) should engage in sexual activity (marry in this context means intercourse) when the opportunity arises, because there may be no opportunities in the future as they grow older. These attitudes are often described as part of the `carpe diem` (seize the day) genre of poetry or philosophy, arguing that since the future is uncertain, we should grasp at momentary pleasures.

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