Do you think values and beliefs about prostitution are socially constructed?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Values and beliefs about prostitution are absolutely socially constructed.

One example that shows this to us is the fact that views of prostitution have changed over time.  There have been many times and places in which prostitution was simply an accepted part of life.  Today, it is seen as something that can be and should be eradicated, but this was not always so.

Another point that can show this to us is the fact that there are other occupations that are arguably similar to prostitution and which we do not disapprove of.  Prostitutes use their bodies to provide pleasure to others.  They may, one may argue, be exposing themselves to physical and mental problems as a result.  Professional football players use their bodies to entertain others.  They are certainly exposing themselves to serious physical problems and may suffer emotionally as well, particularly when their careers end.  Yet prostitution is seen as sordid while football is a major part of American society.

Clearly, beliefs and values about prostitution are socially constructed.

najm1947 | Student

The above answer is applicable in American society and some other parts of the world but in an Islamic society, the extra-marital sex is considered a sin according to Quran - The Code of Conduct for Muslims. Some of the references are as under:

"Give in marriage those among you who are single and those of your male and female slaves who are pious. If they are poor, God will grant them sufficiency of His bounty; for He is munificent, all-knowing. Let those who cannot afford to marry live in continence until God grants them sufficiency out of His bounty" (Quran 24; 32-33).

 "And those who are mindful of their chastity, (fulfilling their desires) only with their spouses and whomever their right hands may possess, since then they are free from blame. Those who hanker after anything beyond that are indeed transgressors" (Quran 23; 5-7).

Similarly there is penalty for the sex ouside marriage in terms of social relationship and prosicution with such a sinner as given in Quran 24:1-10, 4:25.

The value regarding sex are not much different in Judaism and Christianity as compared to Islam. However we are so obsessed with our "liberty and self proclaimed rights" that we have completely forgotten the system given to us by the Creator who knows us best.