Do you think Tim Hortons should open in Brazil? Why or why not?

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Without detailed knowledge of the market conditions in Brazil, it is very hard to answer this question.  The company would need to conduct analysis of two main factors before it made such a decision.  First, it would need to determine what sorts of competitors are currently in the market in to which it would try to enter.  It would need to see whether there are comparable Brazilian restaurants.  Second, it would have to be very careful about what sorts of products it decided to sell in Brazil.  Things like donuts are not universal.  There can be great differences in the sorts of foods that people in different countries like.  The company would have to be sure that it had products to sell that would likely be popular in Brazil at the prices it would need to charge.

All of this said, it is likely that the firm should expand.  It already has restaurants in the Middle East, implying that it can function outside the English-speaking world.  Firms like McDonald’s have thrived in places with very different food cultures than the US, so Tim Hortons should be able to do the same if they handle the expansion properly.  Finally, Brazil is a very big market and is rising in importance.  For these reasons, Tim Horton’s should probably expand into that market if, of course, it does so carefully.

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