Do you think there is someone or something that controls this world to go on a good path?

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I would like to think that someone is looking out for us. The truth is that even if there is, God still gave human beings free will. That means that we are free to make our own choices. People have to decide whether to allow themselves be tempted by the devil or follow the right path. Many do not care about Heaven and Hell. They commit evil deeds anyway.
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Those who believe in a Supreme Power, by any name, also very often believe in the concept of individual volition, free will, individual choice, that mitigates, tempers, alters, and complicates Supreme Designs or Supreme Paths of Good that they believe to exist. Thus, if there is a Path of Good governing humanity's journey, it is obscured behind the effects of this volition and free will--like a car being driven down a bumpy road: the Driver constantly has to adjust the steering to keep on a steady path. Another part of the puzzle enters if the overall Good relates not to humanity, or not only to humanity: finding and defining the Path of Good might become impossible because of unknowns. In summary, it might be impossible to attempt an answer to your question. This may be one of those questions where faith and faith alone determines your personal answer.

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If there is, the path that we are being led on is one that is beyond my understanding.

It may be that there is a God who influences what happens to us in ways that are meant to be good for us.  It may be that God is so much more intelligent than we are that we can't understand what is going on and why the path we are on is good.  I compare it to when I do things that my cats don't like and can't understand (take them to the vet, etc) but that are good for them.  Maybe God is as superior to us (or more) than I am to my cats.

However, just looking at it with the amount of brain power I do have, I don't see it.  The state of the world does not lead me to believe that someone is controlling it and causing it to go in ways that are (so far as I can tell) good.

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