Do you think the US Constitution is still applicable and relevant today?

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As you consider whether the US Constitution is still applicable today, you should consider three possibilities: 1. the US Constitution is still completely applicable and relevant today; 2. the US Constitution is not at all applicable and relevant today; 3. the US Constitution is only partly applicable and relevant today and needs to be updated. Let's explore each of these in more detail.

You might argue that the US Constitution is applicable and relevant today by exploring how the three branches of government continue to provide necessary checks and balances to each other. You might also talk about the process of amendment that allows the Constitution to meet new challenges as they come along. You could also note how the Bill of Rights expresses and protects human rights that are not provided by the government but are inherent to all human beings.

If you choose to argue that the US Constitution is no longer applicable and relevant, you might focus on how much the United States has changed since the days in which the Constitution was written. You could talk about the conditions of modernity that make the Constitution no longer a guiding document for the country. Speak specifically about issues that the Constitution does not cover or provide for (perhaps immigration or modern healthcare issues).

Finally, if you argue that the US Constitution is only partly applicable, you could combine arguments from the other two perspectives. You might, for instance, talk about the continued applicability of the basic elements of the Constitution (like government structures) but note that more amendments are needed to bring the document up to date and deal with modern issues.

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