Do you think the scene at the Triggs's foreshadows what will happen to Nat and his family, or do you think they will survive? 

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Much as I liked the tenacity and resourcefulness of Nate's character in "The Birds" (1951), the chances of him and his family making it alive out of the apocalypse in the story seem bleak. Although Daphne Du Maurier leaves the ending open, this only serves to add to the mood of bleak uncertainty that has been growing in the story, leaving us pessimistic about the little family's fate. But apart from the conventions of the horror genre, which generally demand a tragic ending, there are three other reasons I think Nate and his family will not survive the prevailing conditions in "The Birds."

One, as you rightly noted, is the foreshadowing of human extinction in the narrative. By day 3 of the bird-attack, the Triggs have met a ghastly end as has the postman and also, it is suggested, the families living in the "council flats." The birds have crashed rescue airplanes and even the wireless has gone silent. As humans fade, the birds have only been increasing in number and power. They also seem to...

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