Do you think that widespread internet use (especially e-commerce and social media) has made younger Americans more or less trusting than their parents or grandparents?  

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that it has made younger Americans more trusting.  At least it has made them (and even many of us older Americans) act in ways that are less guarded than in the past.  Let us look at one economic and one social way in which we do this.

Economically, we no longer confine our transactions to people we can see.  We easily give our credit card numbers to businesses over the internet.  We buy from people we will never meet.  This is more trusting than in the old days when we did business with brick and mortar stores in our own towns or neighborhoods.

Socially, we are much more open with facts about ourselves.  We get on Facebook and post things about ourselves that we might not have told such a wide variety of people in past days.  In this way, we are trusting them with sometimes very personal things about us.

In these ways, younger Americans clearly seem more trusting than past generations.

mwalyambi30 | Student

I beg to differ from the first respondent!

Internet use has made some young people to be fully distrustful.

Some use fake photos/pictures to introduce themselves to friends, and hence completely divert the whole truth of their matters.

The technology also has led to easy fabrication of information, for example the photoshop gadget sometimes leads to misunderstanding between parties as can formulate any likenessof figures!