Do you think that there is a force of evil present in the world?

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I think there is definitely some kind of evil force that manifests itself in different forms. How can one justify mass murderers or sociopaths without saying that there is some element of evil there?

With that said, evil can be defined or explained in different ways, and it depends on perspective. As the above post stated, many times in depends on religious beliefs and whether someone believes in the possiblity of evil spirits or entities. If evil is defined as malicious, sinister, or ill-natured, I don't think anyone can deny its existence. It is just a matter of what form you think it takes (demons, devil, or just people).

Furthermore, I do not think good could exist without evil to balance it out, and I think in many cases evil yeilds good.Aat the risk of sounding like too much of an idealist or optimist, good always prevails. When tragedy or disaster occurs in a community, the community almost always comes together to find some good in the situation. As a general rule, people want to be good and want to do whatever it takes to make the good win out over evil. There always has to be some kind of balance, though. Can you imagine a world without evil? I don't see any scenario where that would actually work.

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What an interesting question. The answer will depend on who you ask. If a person has a materialistic view of the world and does not believe in a spiritual world, then of course this person would not believe in any evil force in our world. They may even be a bit surprised at such a question.

However, if a person does believe in a spiritual/invisible realm, then they would certainly believe in good and evil forces. I would say the world is pretty even with those who believe and do not believe. Think of India. India is a polytheistic country and some of their divinities are good and some are not. Even Christians believe in an invisible world. They believe in the existence of demons, satan and a whole host of other spiritual forces.

If you are asking for a personal opinion, I certainly believe in an evil force in our world. This helps to explain all the hardships and suffering.

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