Do you think that there can be a person like shawn in real life?Do you think that there can be a person like shawn in real life? If so why do you think scientists haven't revealed it.

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There are people with all sorts of disabilities living quality lives out there.  I agree with Jamie that as a society, we tend to judge a little too quickly when people don't meet society's definition of "normal".  When we do this, not only are we hurting these wonderful individuals, but we shortchange ourselves.  My father was a double amputee--he lost his legs to a blood disease when I was eight and my brothers and I grew up pushing him in a wheelchair.  As a result, we are more aware of the needs of disabled people and I like to think more sensitive to what is and isn't acceptable.  It wouldn't hurt all of us to stand up for a change and rebuke peer pressure to do the right thing and befriend the kid like Stephen Hawking or Shawn in our own lives.

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I have to comment here, although I have never read the text.  My daughter has autism.  Many people dismiss her because she can't communicate in the "normal" way.  But she sees beauty and subtleties that many other people miss entirely.  I remember when she was a baby and would stare for hours, seemingly, at the play of shadow on the ground or the whirr of a ceiling fan.  Although it is still frustrating at times, she definitely can communicate if you give her a chance. 

There are ways of finding out how to reach people.  Get rid of your preconceived notions and listen, be open.  There is more than one way to communicate. 

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Oh, but haven't you heard of Stephen Hawking? He doesn't have cerebral palsy, like Shawn, but he does have a disease that makes it difficult for him to communicate. He has ALS, which causes paralysis and eventually death. He is a brilliant physicist, and he is able to "talk" by using a computer that he operates just by moving his eyes or his head. His web page is

Read what he thinks about life and living with a disability. It's fascinating!

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Do you think that there can be a person like shawn in real life?

Do you think that there can be a person like shawn in real life? If so why do you think scientists haven't revealed it.

yes i do think there is someone out there like shawn probley even alot. i think because they thought they couldnt fix it they didnt try hard.

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I think there is definentally a big possibility that there are people like Shawn in this world. The sad but truthful answer is though that we will never know because if that person can't express their feelings or emotions, then really there is no way to find out that they are capable of understanding us. I would love to know the answer to if there are people like Shawn because then maybe we can help them.

Nicole Schmitt

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ummm yea. Because it is a real disease that people deal with everyday

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I do believe that it is possible to have someone like shawn in real life, people just wouldn't expect it at all!! but there really wouldn't be a way to tell if they really are capable of the power shawn has.

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