Do you think that there is an influential force of evil in world, aggressively functioning to bring terror and obliteration? Hitler, Stalin, Sadaam Husein, Osama

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Because you asked "Do you think. . . " I will answer in terms of what I think.  As the writer said earlier, there are different opinions and there will always be different opinions,  But here is what I believe.  And remember, this is a question that will never be aswered definitely, at least while we are on earth -- if you believe in an afterlife, that may offer different possibilities.

I don't think that evil exists as a force, outside of people. ALL the people that you mentioned, for some reason that we will never know, decided to do horrible evil things to other people.   And people like this actively try to make others terrified even if they kill themselves in the process.  What really saddens me is that some people do such terrible evil in the name of what they consider to be "God's will."  In my opinion, my loving God doesn't have hurting others in mind.  But the real problem is that we have free will and can choose to do good or evil.  And we have spiritual sickness but also mental illness.  I often haev trouble believing that people can do such horrible things if they are not terribly mentally ill themselves.

This is a really interesting question,  I hope you get a number of different ideas so that you can think about it yourself.

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This is an ominous question, but one that is very interesting. Of course, there will be differences of opinion. Also depending on where you live, there will be differences of thoughts. For example, the twelfth president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo stated that one of the problems his country has faced was from spiritual forces from the occult movements. We in the United States might not make this comment, but the Nigerian president did.

There are many religious people that would agree with Obassanjo. For example, some people take literally the words of the Apostle Paul when he says that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces. (Ephesians 6).

Others will say that the influential forces of evil often times reside in the human heart. They cite the number of wars, poverty, the creation of weapon of mass destruction, and the like. This have a point. Why can't we get along?

In the end, this question is a matter of opinion, but there does seem to be a principle of evil in our world that always bring our world to the brink of destruction.

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