Do you think that the United States is tolerant of “difference"? Are the U.S. experiences any different than that of other cultures?

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The answer to this question depends largely on how wide the scope of "difference" is and what time period we're analyzing. Generally, I think the US is tolerant of difference. Its values are rooted in a group of people wanting to be just that: different. It has long fostered the belief that people come to the US for the opportunity to succeed as individuals, free of persecution. Where those values appear in the government and some of the nation's citizens is where answering this question gets tricky.

Recently, the US has dealt with a serious uptick in racism and xenophobia. Lawmakers and their constituents seem to be more wary of difference, whether it comes in the form of a different culture or someone coming into the US from a different country. Even political differences are more contentious and bitter than ever. Granted, the 2020 US is much more tolerant and welcoming to difference than the US of eras past. Still, it is clear the US has a lot of work to do in trying to become more tolerant of difference.

Generally, I think US experiences are very different from other cultures because our culture is actually just a blend of many. The US is a huge melting pot of cultures from generations of immigrants, groups of indigenous people, and those whose ancestors were brought to the then New World for labor. Its lifestyle and culture is very unique in that way. Also, the US is a relatively young nation. Other countries have been around since the medieval era; the US is about 243 years old. It is constantly evolving.

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