Do you think that the survivors of the disaster had any evil feelings for God and the Church? Why or why not? Explain.

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Evil feelings? To answer that, we'd have to define that term. What is an evil feeling? I'm serious—this is a crucial part of answering this question, and the answer is not obvious. Anger, hatred, loathing, all of these dark emotions can have their place in many religions if directed at the right objects.
That said, I am certain that the survivors had many dark and painful feelings about what happened. Many survivors had their lives darkened forever by the magnitude of their losses. They just hurt too much, too long, and too badly to ever return to any sort of easygoing happiness.
Some, yes, cursed God. That is certain. Look at the testimony of holocaust survivors and you'll see that despair is common. You could translate it to this line: How could a just God allow such a thing to happen?

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