Do you think that Shakespeare wanted to show that some of the characters and customs in Romeo and Juliet were morally wrong? I am really stuck with this question for my oral exam on monday

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There is a suggestion of moral corruption in the character of Friar Lawrence who marries Romeo and Juliet unbeknownst to the parents, then he issues Juliet a secret potion to again deceive parents.  As a man of God, he should possess certain virtues, among them honesty, wisdom, and patience.  After all, the young lovers go to him for advice.  But, as critic Bert Cardullo states in his essay, Friar Lawrence's rashness is responsible for Friar John's retention, not chance, and it is equally responsible for Balthasar's reaching Mantua undeterred since the friar promised Romeo that he would "find out your man" (Act III) Finally, when caught at the tomb, he excuses himself and explains what has happened.  Graciously the prince absolves him of any culpability.  

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