Do you think that promoting products on the Cartoon Network or any channel that specifically targets children is unethical or a good business strategy? 

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that much of this is going to depend on what product is specifically marketed to children.  For example, if a toy company targets children with toy advertisements, I don't see that as unethical or violating some type of compact with the public.  It's a toy company advertising to their primary target demographic:  Children.  This makes sense to me, and I don't see it as ethical.  I do see an ethical problem if a company whose demographic is fundamentally different from children uses children to encourage their parents to purchase something or if a company that should not be advertising to children is using children's programming to do so.  For example, I think that it would be unethical for Victoria's Secret lingerie to advertise to children.  I think that it's unethical because the target audience for the product is not children, at least it shouldn't be.  I think that if RJ Reynolds tobacco company advertises on the Cartoon Network, I would consider that to be unethical, regardless of its legal position.  I think that the product becomes vital in assessing the ethical position of advertising on children's programming.