Do you think that people charged with violent crimes such as assualt, rape, or murder should be allowed to post bail?

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I think it should depend on the circumstances in which the crime was committed.  Any kind of absolute would be dangerous.  For example, some rape cases are he said/she said.  Some murders are not really murders at all, but rather self-defense or an innocent person in the wrong place at the wrong time that appears guilty.  Assault can also occur under a variety of different circumstances.  Painting all scenarios with the same brush will result in injustice.

Like it or not we have to allow everyone the opportunity to have bail posted. As someone else has mentioned we have to follow the laws set forth in our Constitution. If we start doing this outside the Constitution we have made it worthless.

I don't like to tie the hands of judges in criminal courts.  I think one-size-fits-all legal approaches to complex cases that defy such categorization is both foolish and unjust.  In our system of justice, prosecutors have to demonstrate flight risk or the seriousness of a charge in order...

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