Do you think that more should be done to help people get off public assistance and become self sufficient?

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I do think that this should be done, but perhaps not in the way that most people would think.

In the US today, many people think that the thing to do is to simply be harder on the recipients of public assistance.  This will, it is thought, encourage them to stop “sponging” off the public and get back to work.  My view, however, is that this is not likely to work.

The problem is that our economy does not have enough good jobs for the people who end up on public assistance. That means that we need to do two things.  First, we need to improve our educational system in the places that tend to breed poverty.  If people had better education, they would be less likely to end up needing public assistance.  Second, we need to improve the economy and somehow find a way to create better jobs for people who do not have a lot of education.  This is something that we were able to do in the past but struggle with today.

So, I do believe that more needs to be done to get people off of public assistance, but I think it has to be done by improving education and the economy.

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