Do you think that mechanical energy will actually be conserved in the loop-the-loop motion on the first car of the Viper roller coaster? Why or why not?   What data would you need to show that at least some of the forces on the  roller coaster cars are non-conservative? Explain. 

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A. No. Because the energy that created is not of same type. Overall, the energy is conserved because we consider this Earth as an isolated system but the conversion is not fully one type. Meaning, the mechanical energy converted can be dissipated into the environment through frictional force. 

B. It can be seen through the velocity of the moving coaster. For example, the final velocity of the Viper roller coaster will be less than the velocities of the coaster at some point in the loop. Knowing the value of how much the change has been you can determine the amount of force that was converted into other forms. 

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