Do you think that Little Bit will be able to forgive her family at the end?Would it be good or bad for her to forgive her family?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the play How I Learned to Drive the character of Lil' Bit is that of a young woman going through a journey after leaving a very dysfunctional family behind to go to college.

Lil' Bit's life has been molded to follow the steps of the other females in her family, all of which are basically lose women with an extreme preoccupation about sex. This is basically the way that they feel that they can be in control of men.

For Lil' bit to forgive her family she would have to really get to a point of mental health that it is doubtful that she ever will get to. Every consequence Lil' But has suffered from her actions has made her life even more disparate and complicated. The only way that Lil' Bit could be able to have a healthy family relationship is if all of the family changed, and that is impossible.

We know that her relationship with her uncle is completely consensual, and that it is the women and not the men in her family what worked really hard to bring her down. Therefore it is highly unlikely that Lil' Bit could look at the women of her family under a favorable light.