Do you think that Johnny's injury makes him a stronger and better person?Support your answer with details from the novel.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Johnny's injury definitely makes him a better person and probably a stronger one as well.

At the beginning of the book, Johnny is really something of an arrogant jerk.  He thinks he is better than everyone else in his peer group because he has a decent education (compared to other apprentices) and because he's such a good silversmith.

But then his injury tests him.  At first, it seems like he's going to fail because he starts to feel sorry for himself and almost becomes a criminal.

Instead, however, he overcomes his problems and his immaturity as he becomes more involved with the Patriots.  As he sees how they are unselfishly working for a greater goal he becomes more like them himself.

This transformation might not have happened if he hadn't been injured.

bonjovi66048 | Student

i think that in the beggining he felt sorry for himself....eventualy he comes out and it doesnt seem to bug him as yes i believe it makes him stronger.

                               Nick "Tigger" Adams

frannybugs31 | Student
johnny's injury made him such a better person. physically and mentally. he has learned lots of things about being nice and having manners that he never knew before. And he has physically gotten stronger too. :)
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