Do you think that a day no pigs would die should be banned or not? Please give sources and a argument on why it should or should not be banned?

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Like nearly everything in life, there are several ways to view a novel or other literary work. I choose to see anything I read as an opportunity to learn. In A Day No Pigs Would Die, I learned more about the Shaker lifestyle and was forced to think about how living in such a way would impact a teenager. I learned about the practical view (versus the romantic/romanticized view) of animals on a farm. I was reminded, once again, that human nature is consistent and unchanging--we are what we are. Also like nearly everything in life, there is a time and place to read such a novel. A mature group would do fine; a less mature group would focus only on the sometimes shocking realities of farm life. I say no to banning any book; however, not every book should be read in every circumstance or by every person.

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Another response to banning this book:

As a previous middle school Reading teacher the students and I were assigned this book to read. The first read through was a little uncomfortable. Some of the chapters I chose not to read aloud (I would read aloud one day of the week). Graphic chapters included the breeding of Pinky and the slaughter.

This book should not be banned. It accurately portrays life on a farm. My students were able to put themselves in a Robert's shoes. This is an example of great literature.

Having been raised on a farm myself, this is what farm children have to deal with. Like it or not-it's reality.


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Here's one person's opinion on what there is in the book that would make it worthy of being banned.

In my opinion, there is no really good reason to ban this book.  We eat animals all the time, but it's like we in modern America don't want to think about how those animals come to be these neatly packaged pieces of meat.

It may be because I grew up in a different culture and have killed chickens myself and helped to kill pigs, but I do not see what is so bad about depicting the killing of animals -- this is how we get our food, after all.

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