Do you think Stephanie Meyers Twilight series could be considered a modern day fairy tale? Does it have the elements to be classified as a fairy tale?

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lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is certainly a thought provoking question!  In order to answer the question you first have to define the elements of a traditional fairy tale, and then determine if the Twilight series has any of all of those same qualities.  I think that answer would be yes.

Qualities:  Magic, remote settings, romance, happy endings, fantastical animals, based in legend and folklore

Here are some brief notes that you could expland upon with specific details from the novels in order to support your thesis. The Cullens each have a magical ability that helps them to survive in the world of humans.  Some can see the future; some can read minds, etc.  All of the vampires have super-human strength and speed.  They live in the remote town of Forks and even there, live in a remote home deep in the woods.  This allows them a fair amount of privacy for their lifestyle.  The romance between Edward and Bella is the stuff of dreams.  He is seemingly perfect; she is strong and determined.  They struggle against seemingly insurmountable odds to make their relationship work, and they are great together -- the ending of the first book and the series couldn't have a more happy ending.  The other fantastical animal is the werewolf, Jacob.  This element of the story isn't introduced until the second or third book, but becomes a great source of conflict for Bella and Edward's relationship.  That the three of them can overcome their differences only enhances the fairy-tale quality of the ending of the series. The fact that the whole story is based on the legends of vampires with updates to make the vampires less loathsome and feared is part of the appeal of the story.  There has always been a fascination with the "other-worldly," and Meyers makes these creatures especially likable and admirable.  When you add to all of this the incredibly loyal following by young and old alike that this series has enjoyed, it certainly rings true to a modern fairy-tale.

lola1597 | Student

You could consider it a modern-fairy tale. But the concept or theme of twilight is only love. Love is not modern or ancient, it stays always as love. Love does not only happen in fairy-tales. Love happens in real life too. So you might consider some points before making up your own that it is a modern fairy-tale.

zumba96 | Student

I'm not sure this would be considered a modern day fairy tale but to me this looks like a more romance teen novel. The concept of twilight is love and the vampires and werewolves do have abilities that would be considered magical but in my opinion this is not a book that would be a modern day fairy tale.