Do you think it is the society or the individual people who are evil?

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In regards to the citizens of Bradbury's dystopian society, I believe that the individuals are not intentionally malevolent and are unfortunate products of their society. In Bradbury's dystopian society, citizens are taught and encouraged to act like violent savages. The society could be described as "evil" in that there are no morals, and debauchery is enforced. The authoritative government discourages citizens from expressing themselves as individuals and attempts to suppress intellectual pursuits by censoring literature. The government also promotes excessive entertainment and is primarily concerned with supporting the consumer culture. The education system teaches this unsympathetic, anti-intellectual mind-state by indoctrinating students with the values of the dystopian society. However, certain morally upright individuals challenge the government because they know better. Faber, Clarisse, Granger, and eventually Montag are all examples of sympathetic, compassionate individuals. Overall, the citizens would not be considered "evil" and are unfortunate products of their dystopian society.

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