Do you think science is for boys and arts is for girls? Does belonging to a particular gender influence your career choice?

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I think that gender should not influence career choice.  In this light, science and arts should be for both genders.

The reality is that there is a gender gap in Math and Science.  I think that we have made progress in conceding that the gap exists.  However, it is evident that there is a lack of representation of women in the science and math fields. In a Psychological Bulletin article, scientists suggest that greater representation is a way to avoid this disparity:  “When girls see opportunities for themselves in science, technology, engineering and math, they’re more likely to take higher math in high school and more likely to pursue those careers." In looking at the second question, it is evident that a lack of representation is related to sex.  Girls perceive a lack of representation in math and science fields. This causes the gap to increase.  In this regard, the way things are reflects how gender functions in career choice.

However, this is something that should change.  It is why I think science should not be limited to one group, and arts should not be perceived as only for another.  Both disciplines of study need as many representative voices as possible to enhance them.  


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