Do you think Sam is scared when he finds raccoons in his treehouse?

Expert Answers
chsmith1957 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No. Sam is not so much scared as he is angry. This incident happens in the 14th chapter, titled “In Which We All Learn About Halloween.” Sam decides to throw a combination harvest celebration and Halloween party for his animal friends and for the other animals who live around him on the mountainside. This is not his best idea, to put it bluntly. Wild animals don’t know human party protocol. Critters come to get as much food as Sam can put out—and more. Two raccoons break into his tree house and raid his personal stash and winter food supply.

When I finally got a light and looked about me, I was dismayed to see what a mess my guests had made of my tree house. They had found the cache of acorns and beechnuts and had tossed them all over my bed and floor. The party was getting rough. … Having invited all these neighbors, I was now faced with the problem of getting rid of them.

Sam chases the raccoons out and gets sprayed by a skunk in the process. He realizes that he will have to act like the biggest animal in the bunch in order to end the party. He growls and hisses at them, loudly. Eventually everyone gets the message and leaves.

emmasienna | Student

No I do not think Sam is scared when he finds the raccoons in his house.P.S he has a pet raccoon and her name is Jessie C Jones and he finds the raccoons at his party which he wants them to come to.