Do you think the production of ATP through lactic acid fermentation can continue indefinitely?Please explain your answer. Thanks!

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I do not think that it can increase indefinitely, because nothing can increase indefinitely. It will eventually run out of food, space, air, or something. So although it can continue for what seems like indefinitely, there will eventually be logical limits.
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I believe the production of ATP through lactic acid fermentation could continue indefinitely in an organism or substance.  I say could  because at some point, death can occur in a living organism and all functions cease, or all materials in a substance can be used up and there's nothing further to act upon. 

In the case of the lactic acid fermentation processes used to make yogurt and other cultured dairy products, they DO continue indefinitely unless stopped by the manufacturer.  Lowering the temperature below certain levels is usually all it takes to stop the fermentation process.