Do you think "Petrified Birthday Cake" is a good name for Casa Rosada in "The Egypt Game", and why?In Chapter 2

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Casa Rosada is an old California-Spanish apartment house and is characterized by a "shabby splendor".  It is described as being

"very Spanishy-looking with great thick walls, arched doorways, fancy iron grillwork, stained glass panels in the windows and tile floors in the lobby...outside it (is) painted pink". 

In other words, the building is imposing and ornate, and gaudily decorated.  The fact that it has "great thick walls" indicates that it is huge, and its startling color makes it stand out in an outlandish way.  The Casa Rosada stands like a centerpiece or an ornament, not to be missed.  The pink exterior reminds Mr. Ross of frosting, which in this case is layered on a massive cake of masonry.  It is he who comes up with the name "Petrified Birthday Cake", and Caroline agrees that it is a fitting name for the dwelling (Chapter 2).

This question is an opinion question, so a negative answer could also be valid.  Just be sure to provide proof to support your stance if you do not agree that "Petrified Birthday Cake" is a good name for the Casa Rosada.