Do you think Penelope a fitting or well matched partner for Odysseus?

Expert Answers
missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Penelope is certainly a well-matched mate for Odysseus! There are two main reasons that make her a perfect match for a man who would be a warrior, harried for years on end.

1. Penelope was LOYAL. This loyalty is shown as man after man pursues her and tries to win her favor. Their efforts to convince her are often well-argued, but she doesn't give in, she still pursues him.

2. Penelope was CLEVER. Her idea to craft a shroud for Lord Laertes during the day and secretly unravel it at night demonstrated her effort to manipulate and please these men hoping for a different answer.

3. Penelope had the ability to be LONG-SUFFERING, or to ENDURE. She realized that the war would take time and even without the communication, she never gave up hope completely that her Odysseus would return.